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Only when Vansburg’s pack members feel safe, protected, secure, understood, appreciated, encouraged, and challenged, can we provide the absolute best experience for our customers.


This is why customers come second, not first.


  • Generous Giving & Caring - Generously give to each other and genuinely care about each other.


  • Pack Members First - Our team / pack members are the most important. Followed by customers.  Followed by investors, vendors, partners etc.

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Even if you were working a minimum wage job, as a burger flipper at McDonald’s (delicious), your quality of life would be 50x - 100x better than Kings & Queens from just a couple of centuries ago.


There is a lot to be grateful for in life, always remember that.

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The natural state of business is chaos. Systems and procedures rein in the chaos and create order and stability. Without systems, we cannot grow, improve, and scale.


  • Elimination Mentality : If a task, procedure, or process can be eliminated, please do so. Eliminate the unnecessary. Think simplicity.

  • Always be Documenting : If you need to take a vacation or sick leave, will another pack member be able to jump in, follow a set of instructions, and achieve at least 80% of the results you’d be able to achieve? Make sure to always document your workflow and processes.

  • No Mistakes Made Twice : However, no mistake should ever be made twice.

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Transparent Communication - Have the confidence and trust in each other to have the difficult conversations. Be free to speak your mind with the pack.


Clear Communication : Before you speak or write, take 30-60 seconds to plan out your message. Don’t ramble.

  • Step 1  : Announce 2-5 points that you are going to make.

  • Step 2 : Plan 1st and last sentence. The 1st sentence creates the framework for the message, while the last sentence outlines the action plan.

  • Step 3 : Record yourself on video without a script, wait for a day, then review your video, which will show you the weaknesses in your communication. 

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Do things that you are proud of and want the world to know.

  • Honesty & Integrity - Do things that you are proud of and want the world to know. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to know.

  • Be Responsible - Take responsibility and accountability in everything you do.

  • Spend the Company’s Money Like It’s Your Own - Before spending, stop and think, would you make this investment if it were your own money? If not, then don’t do it.

  • Attention to Detail - Before your work goes live, ask yourself the question: “Would I bet my credibility and reputation on this work I’m about to share with the world?” If not, please go back and review and double check your work.

  • Henry Ford Says: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

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Just like if you were playing a video game. We are only able to show the best version of ourselves through continuous improvement and development.

  • Focused Effort - Focused action is 100x better than unfocused labor. Indiscriminate action is a form of laziness. Focus on the 80/20 principle. Work on 20% of the things that produce 80% of the results and ignore everything else.


  • Never Multi-task. Ever. - Focus on one thing. Get it done before moving on to the next.


  • Leave Comfort Zone - If things have been too comfortable for too long, it’s time to do something that feels a little bit scary.


  • Continual Learning - The moment we stop learning, not just at work but in life, is when we commit intellectual suicide and have the world pass us by. Always commit time to learn.

Experimentation and Risk-Taking are Encouraged - Trying, experimenting, taking calculated risks are encouraged and welcomed. Making mistakes and failing is part of the process. This is how we learn, get better, get stronger, and move forward.

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Not like Tom Cruise, but someone who takes action consistently toward our objectives. So maybe a little bit like Tom Cruise.


  • Just Do It! : Decisive action is what brings home the bacon, not hesitation. At the end of the day, after careful consideration has been given to a problem, action (right or wrong) is what moves the organization forward.

  • Work on the Most Difficult Task First : Always do the most important task first. This is often the most difficult task. Avoid wasting time on non-essential and non-important tasks that make you busy but ineffective.

  • Do it Faster and Better, Then Get Out of the Office : If you can reduce the time to do something, please do it and get out of the office. Go play!

  • Result Oriented : In business (and life), we get rewarded for producing results, not for trying hard. Effort is part of the process, but we only get paid when we produce results and value for our customers.

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